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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

One story tells us.

I have already thought about disadvantages among workplace. So I will consider about society.First, the flow of migrants cause some diseases problems. I researched tuberculosis.Then I found one article. It says the infectious diseases spread by the migrant workers.This is a story of Thailand.Labor policy research and training organization “05/ overseas labor situation/http://www.jil.go.jp/foreign/jihou/2005_1/thailand_01.htmQ) The number of registration of migrant workers in 2004 is 1,284,920 people, and 690,000 people are occupied by the workers from three countries; Myanmar and Cambodia and Laos. And 54% of these people have taken some medical examinations, as a result 5399 people are tuberculosis, 3092 people are syphilis, 375 people are helminthes, 273 people are malaria, 202 people are elephantiasis, and eight people are leprosy. (UQ


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