TayOusEi oF cULtUreS

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Two reasons of the cahnge.

First, the development of technology has made countries depend on each other deeply. The development of technology enables us to communicate with people who live in abroad cheaper, faster and easier than what used to be. This reduced cost of communication has increased the number of transnational participants. Then, it leads to the complex and very wide network of communication. Through this networks, in economic, political, social cultural field, have come to the network of interdependence.
Second, especially each country tends to depend on each other in two kinds of fields. First one is the economic field. Distance is almost nothing as for stock or currency deal. And such as Multinational Corporation contribute to many countries economy. These factors deepen the interdependence of economy. Second one is the political field. This good example is EU. Though to some extent the figures of nations exist, it is free to export, import, and move etc. Thus, economical and political globalization is remarkable under the status quo.



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