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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Problems 1

Even if they are prohibited to enter Japan to work in sinple workplaces, there are many migrants in Japan. According to Yomiuri Newspaper, 0.8 million migrants exist in Japan. And 0.6 miillion on it are illegal worker.

As for them,
1. As for them, social insurance does not apply.
The problem of migrants Report (http://www.tku.ac.jp/~ktakeuti/Foreign.htm) said
Q) foreigners who overstay cannot take out national health insurance and receive medical aid. They are not guaranteed the right of getting medical treatment. In taking out national health insurance, they check the qualifications for reside and limit. Only migrant workers who have responsibility to stay Japan legally for more than 1 year can take out social insurance. )UQ

So they cannot go to hospital as we do. This can be a serious problem which would kill them.


  • This is a important issue for the migrants and for Japanese society. The country needs workers of all kinds and the migrants often do jobs Japanese workers do not want to do. So they benefit companies and the economy as a whole. Yet the society does not support them with basic social services--probably fearing that more illegal migrants will come. It would be interesting to look at how other countries address this issue?

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