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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


In addition, I show you one evidence.Medium and small companies recover by accepting migrant workers. According to JIL/ http://www.jil.go.jp/foreign/jihou/2004_12/taiwan_01.htm In Taiwan, restriction to accept migrant workers is going to be lightened in the manufacture field, to prompt new investment. Therefore medium and small sized manufacture will get much benefit by governmental new measure which come whole economy in sight to prompt developing medium and small companies.Thus, we need them. And they can save us. But as I said before, we have to think about bad things at the same time.

Thier abilities and usefulness.

Then, migrant workers are useful as same as Japanese workers.Prof Kuwahara said when we compare the migrant workers with Japanese workers in terms of skill, it is clear from the table that as much as 73.1% of companies answered “they are working completely same kind” and those migrant workers have no difference from Japanese workers. So they are usuful. They can contribute to our economy. Of cause, becase they can get money, this is a good for both.


Then, I show you need and advantage of migrants.In Japan the birth rate is declining rapidly and man power is needed.One estimate shows even if the Birth Rate recovers and become stable from this year’s 1.39 to 1.6 by 2010, in 2025 a ratio between the old generation which is over 65 years old and the working generation which is 15-64 years old will become 1 of 3, furthermore, in 2050 it will become almost 1of 2. In addition, it is epochal because it guessed that Japanese population (which begins to decrease from 2007) become almost half in 2050.So, without migrants we cannot keep our economy.


And it is more serious than I have thought, becasue migrants diseases are more seriouse than the Japanese people have.According to, Anti-Tuberculosis AssociationRecently, the number of tuberculosis of foreigners in Japan has a tendens to increase. When we compare the foreigners come to Japan after 1987 with Japanese, about foreigners the risk of tuberculosis is very high.(omit) In addition, the risk that the foreigners who have cured before have tuberculosis with tolerances to drug is as twice to five times as Japanese.Thus, not only migrants themselves and workplaces but also whole society should be concern, when we think about this problems.

About it.

This empirical evidence shows that when the government of Thailand investigated about 600,000 migrant workers, 5.399 migrant workers were tuberculosis. Of couse, the same situation would accur in Japan.

One story tells us.

I have already thought about disadvantages among workplace. So I will consider about society.First, the flow of migrants cause some diseases problems. I researched tuberculosis.Then I found one article. It says the infectious diseases spread by the migrant workers.This is a story of Thailand.Labor policy research and training organization “05/ overseas labor situation/http://www.jil.go.jp/foreign/jihou/2005_1/thailand_01.htmQ) The number of registration of migrant workers in 2004 is 1,284,920 people, and 690,000 people are occupied by the workers from three countries; Myanmar and Cambodia and Laos. And 54% of these people have taken some medical examinations, as a result 5399 people are tuberculosis, 3092 people are syphilis, 375 people are helminthes, 273 people are malaria, 202 people are elephantiasis, and eight people are leprosy. (UQ

Migrants again

I saw a presentation about migrants. Then I rethink about this problems.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Last class, I was interested in MOKO's presentation. She told us that one foreingner dislike the board saying "NO FOREIGNER" in some bars and public bath. This made me notice this is so strange for them. I think of course owners do this for customoers. It means the feeling being with foreigners is unconfortable is shared by these people unfortunately. I believe these thought prevent from opening the gate for foreinghers now. So we should not succeed these bad habits or atmosphere. The key is the young generation.


Sunday, November 27, 2005


What is the most impressive experience in your life in Japan.Part time JobShe was surprised of the high wage and the job is not so hard.She was a teacher in elementary school in China. It was a heavy burden for her. Just like volunteer. In China, over 16 years students can be a teacher in official school.Train be filled to the doors. Chinese people use bicycle, but Japanese people like using train. Before I got used to, it was very hard time for her. Horroble!! She said.

I will write some comment about this later.


I interveiwed a student studying abroad from China

What is the different image about this countriy before come to Japan and after come to Japan.

About people,
She had thought Japanese people are not friendly and don’t like China, but after come to Japan they realized that we are kind and active than they thought.

About life,
She had thought Japanese life style is simple, but in contrast, Japanese people like drinking and playing. This surprised her most.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


This is our theme of the group project. They have own special history. So we have some problems about that.
1@@ Does the Japanese gaovernment have the responsibility to protect them even now?

In the past, the Japnese governmnet take them from their own land to this countiry. But now, those who live in Japan as Japanese-Korean are thier descendents. They don't want to go back thier own countiry. And they don't want to become as real Japanses. I think that we can traeat them as normal foriegners becasue they are not the victims of the war. OR It is OK to become Japanese if them want. The government should show the two way for them to choose.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

As a result, they have realized.
The border will be disappeared, then what can be the boundary of us. Oh! We have own cultures and ethnics which has been forgotten in nation-states age. So we should protect this!

I believe this is the story of the change into the new world.


Two reasons of the cahnge.

First, the development of technology has made countries depend on each other deeply. The development of technology enables us to communicate with people who live in abroad cheaper, faster and easier than what used to be. This reduced cost of communication has increased the number of transnational participants. Then, it leads to the complex and very wide network of communication. Through this networks, in economic, political, social cultural field, have come to the network of interdependence.
Second, especially each country tends to depend on each other in two kinds of fields. First one is the economic field. Distance is almost nothing as for stock or currency deal. And such as Multinational Corporation contribute to many countries economy. These factors deepen the interdependence of economy. Second one is the political field. This good example is EU. Though to some extent the figures of nations exist, it is free to export, import, and move etc. Thus, economical and political globalization is remarkable under the status quo.


Monday, November 14, 2005

New world.

I read the papers about nationalism. The author said thanks to the change of the world, the nationalis has been changed. Then I will think about the reasons of this change.



What is the result of melting pot. I belieave this neglect policy leads to gap of income or social position. I think I can show the slum problem as a good example. Since the government didn't respect them but just insist that they should live as one nation, slum has made up. The happy society which is mixed up with many different cultures is a just ideal. It is impossible to understand each other completely and respect each other without governmental policy, mosaic. Compared to the US, Canada take mosaic policy and the government take the policy that respect nations' each culture, laguage life-style. As a result, they can respect each other. I think this is proved in the differences of crime rate between the US and Canada.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

I'm ready.

PC has come back!!